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leanne & moya

san francisco

leanne and moya are actually pictured here in mendocino. this was a lovely moment in the sun for leanne's birthday in 1998.
leanne has scores of devoted fans, while moya babbles on the side, sometimes coherently.
leanne turned thirty! you'll want to visit the monkeyview album. also, check this out! particular thanks to hazlitt for the master representation.
so -- i guess that proves it - she really did turn thirty!

in the meantime, check out moya's breastlog, for the latest on her foray into surgical biopsy.



the queen

Becky Watson, nee Becky Haycox Somewhere between a dilettante and an aesthete, Becky marches to her own homemade drum. Not only Film Arts Foundation's resident web geek, she is a graphic designer, improvisational actor and elongated-penny collector. She feels that she can bring a lot into her role as Honorary Watson, including organizing Arts and Crafts days, cracking the well-crafted joke, and always, always being available at cocktail-time.

welcome to watsonhouse, hambox!




sf: wildlife
wanda owns the bed ...

our beloved cats tolerated our absence over the new year by throwing a racous party, as pictured here.

visit the farm page
to see the wildlife that moya and leanne visited over the holiday.




... or maybe, spike owns the bed. spike's domain is pretty much the world outside of the bed - he goes outside and makes lots of friends in the neighborhood (sometimes, being a friend means putting a hole in someone's ear). click the picture to find out what spike thinks of our travels.

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