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William is the newest member. Born in the moon shadow of Mt. Tam, in the morning when the big dipper set, head-held-high screams noted William Wallace Watsons birth: Emergency Medical Services, paramedics, the CHP, Grandparents, Doctors and Nurses - and that was just the first day. The days since then have proven no less.

Mckenna thinks Dress-up is about the best thing in the world.


you can't miss Samantha. she's the bright one in the room. her mouth isn't usually open this large - or maybe it is?


My three, how sweet in a box.


robert & alicia


  Robert and Alicia getting married! turn around, alicia! it was a very hot day under a new moon in marin county USA. the novato home has been hard at work since then propagating our family in a delightful way. the novato house is also known as the home of sushi and cisco.
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